WIAD Mumbai

My poster design for WIAD Mumbai 2017

My poster design for WIAD Mumbai 2017


In my opinion, information architecture is one of the more underrated aspects of digital design. The Information Architecture Institute's World Information Architecture Day is a great way to help grow awareness and appreciation for this essential discipline. I wanted to be a part of the celebration, and when I learned that it had never been done in Mumbai before, I decided to organize Mumbai's first event myself.  I partnered with the Indian School of Design & Innovation Parsons to host and sponsor the event. On a cloudy Saturday morning, more than 20 people came out to learn and practice IA for the first time. 




I found a great speaker from Human Factors International to give a presentation about the theory and importance of information architecture. Aashish Majumdar had attended India's most prestigious design school and worked as a trainer for professional designers.


Group Exercise

I led a three-part activity. First, groups brainstormed smartcar features. Then they borrowed a "user" from another group to organize these features into logical groups (card-sorting). Finally, they borrowed a second "user" to navigate their information architecture, and uncover any issues with the design.